009: Persheik

In this episode Jeff tells us about the deep sea dangers of the Persheik

008: Symbian

In this episode Francis grows our knowledge of the Symbian species


In this episode Crane teaches us about the Katafrakt and their two distinct subspecies.

006: Sikari

In this episode Chris details everything about the Sikari species to three young padawans.

004: Humanity

In this episode the wizards three discuss humanity. Where are they now?

002: Using Science to Dispel the Gods

In this episode the wizbang wizgang discusses the concepts Gods, Magic and other Realms; do they exist within the setting?
We also discuss Time, Travel and Technology; where is the universe at and what rules is it following?

001: Galaxy Building

In this episode the gang introduces “Galactic Darwinism”, the code name for Silverspires upcoming Sci-Fi TTRPG. We discuss the games premise and start laying out our ideas for the galaxy spanning adventure.