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I Cast Record is the exclusive podcast of Silverspire Games. Together the four acolytes of the Silverspire explore everything the world of table top and board games has to offer. From world building to developing mechanics, I Cast Record covers the core concepts at the heart of game development.

Meet the Hosts

Chris the Occultist

Creator of I Cast Record and gracious host. With a flair for the occult Chris is the podcast showrunner and editor

Crane the Druid

With as many ideas for new game concepts as he has animal companions. Crane offers a fresh take on every new idea.

Jeff the Magus

His studies have taken him from layman to Magus. As a contributor, Jeff  offers insightful critique born of a desire for gaming perfection.

Francis the Arcanist

Rarely prepared but always ready, Francis handles the behind the scenes work when he isn’t recording with the rest of the cast

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We publish Every Two Weeks on Monday.

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